Amazon Interview Questions

Amazon interviews are similar to other top-tech companies. You will be asked a variety of questions covering Data Structures, Algorithms and System Design. The more senior the position you are interviewing for, the more design questions you will be asked. Make sure you study well for the technical questions, because they won't ask easy questions!

Amazon has one interview practice that most other companies don't do. It is called the "Raising the Bar" interview. Most of your interviewers will be from the team you are attempting to join. But one will be with a special interviewer that is a senior level engineer from outside of the department. Their job is to ask you the hardest questions of the day and rate your performance. You can ace the rest of the interview, but if the Bar Raiser says no, you won't get the job!

Besides the Bar Raiser, an Amazon interview will be structured just like other top-tier companies. You will be asked three major types of questions:

Practice Questions

Longest Palindrome

Maximum Sum

Clockwise Spiral

Longest Substring

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